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Where are the M2's


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Steve i was having a hard time finding an M1 super 90 in OC that was reasonibly priced and was actually in stock.


Fowlers had one at $960

Stockade had one for $1025

Ontarget had one for $1300


as you can see our local prices are all ove the place for the same gun. I was refered to Oaktree gun club in Valencia and they have one ordered and selling for $905.


as you can see the local prices are inflated, best to do a little driving if you want to save some money.


It couldnt hurt to see if Oaktree has what you want, thats maybe 90 min drive from irvine call them and see if they have one.


1-661-259-7441 Oaktree


Good luck


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Did you try Turners?? 2 weeks ago I was in the one in Orange, CA and they had SBE II's and said they were expecting to get more M2's in. But Fowlers had a black M2 26" so I bought it... not sure if they did it on purpose or not but Fowlers had my M2 taged at 1250.00... I pointed out how much over MSRP this was and they "checked the price book" and all of a sudden the price was 1050.00. Seeing as how hard they are to find and I wanted it for October pheasant hunting, I wasn't going to try to get the price any lower than 15.00 under MSRP. Picked it up on the 12th... haven't put any rounds through it yet... but I love looking at it. Hope you find the one you want!


Hey Andy... do you know if OnTarget will let you shoot 12g. at their range? Just want to pattern my M2 and put a few boxes through it. I know they won't let you shoot high powered rifles there. Thanks.



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