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What is the ribbing in the barrel?


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I was cleaning my Super Nova yesterday and noticed that that there is some ribbing about 4-6 inches from the chamber. I thought it was really dirty, I had shot over 100 rounds earlier that day. Needless to say the barrel is really clean now. But I looked in my buddies Reminton 870 and it has the ribbing also. Neither of usknow what it is or its function. Anyone know?

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Not sure what you mean by "ribbing." Can you describe it?


A typical shotgun barrel chamber diameter is close to the same as the outside diameter of a shell. Then, at the end of the chamber there is a tapered "forcing cone." This is where the barrel tapers from the chamber diameter to the bore diameter.


A typical 12 gauge bore diameter is approximately 0.729 (though that varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and may be bigger if your barrel is "back bored.")


The bore stays relatively constant from the end of the forcing cone until you get to the choke.


Then the barrel diameter tapers down to the choke diameter at the muzzle end.


The barrel should be pretty smooth. from end to end. That is, no ribbing.

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