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  1. If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first? The dog - you know he'll shut up when he comes in. -
  2. Hey now...Zygote??? Not sure what you just called all of us but I am pretty sure some of us are offended.
  3. Barrel length and use would be my determing factor.
  4. AWESOME VIDEO--(Tack-Ta-Cool) Needs to be added to the dictionary.
  5. You will be very happy with the SuperNova. It is a tank.
  6. Where you going Mudhen the yolo-bypass areaor reserve towards lodi and stockton?
  7. This oyu tube clip remindsmy why I love this site.:D
  8. I will be out this weekend as well. Went out scouting prior to turkey season and found a bunch. Found some pig as well. I will post any success.
  9. Just curious what as to what every one keeps in a their emergency survival kits. It can include Hunting, Home, and Auto.
  10. Do you still have those Hot Wheels? If so see if they are red lines (red color on the walls of the tires.) They will be worth alot of money to a collector.
  11. Alright you guys. I want a good clean fight, no hitting below the belt, now shake hand and go to your respective corners and and the sound of the bell come out fighting. (DING)
  12. I hope the driver had a licence to take a buck with a automobile.
  13. Nothing says get out of my house in the middle of the night like a pump shotgun being racked.
  14. tlingitndn


    I bought on that was from a Nova and I tfints my supernova perfectly.
  15. Thank you sir may I have another?
  16. Yeah, they went to great expence to produce a small film and site link. Anyone know?:confused:
  17. They will let you get right up on them. Dogs will flush out a few. I have literally kicked pen raised in the rear to get them to fly off. I don't consider them to sporty but it gives newer hunters confidence in the beginning.
  18. Cool website. I like the comfort tech chevrons as the % loading. Thought forums were gone but found them quickly. Like the link to the benellit as well.
  19. The dealers usually give a discount. Large stores like sportsmans does, and few little shops around here do too.
  20. You should not have any problems with it. I am a little OCD with mind. Each time I take it out I strip it, clean it and oil it. It continues to perform fantastic for me. I only use it for shot not slugs. That is one thing California has not take is our rifles.
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