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Benelli SBE (original) slug barrel / forearm


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I am looking for a fully rifled black factory SBE slug barrel and modified forearm. I was told the SBE II barrel would work, but the forearm would not. Is this correct?

If not, does anyone know where I can get a NIB one (or in perfect mint condition)? It doesn't show it anymore on Benelli's barrel and parts list.


I don't really want the newer SBE's as much as the first one and after buying it from a HK rep back in the early 90's, I vowed I would never own another shotgun! I have now got tens of thousands of rounds through it and it still shoots as well today as it did when I bought it.


I guess I didn't keep my promise, I did buy a Remington 1100 but it is a .410 gauge for my wife. If only Benelli made a .410 or 28 gauge!

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The slug barrels made by ER Shaw are thicker walled and need different forearm. Stock forearm can be opened up but will fit loose on shot barrel. The Shaw barrels do not have rifle sights. The newer Benelli barrels have rifle sights and are(I think) the same wall dia. as shot barrels and can use orginal forearm. The SBE and SBEII barrels will mix and match, the forearm is only problem.


As for finding one maybe someone else will chime in.

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No problem. I just learned more. I made my SBE II forearm larger for a old style slug barrel. The II forearm is cut square for a barrel channel. This means you only have to angle the top to make extra clearnace. The SBE forearm is barrel shaped and makes for a bit of sanding/grinding to make channel larger.

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If anyone else is looking for one. I found this very helpful place that was able to order both a barrel and forearm for the original SBE. It wasn't cheap, total was $664 (barrel-499, forend-150, shipping-15). But at last the items are on their way to my house.


I dealt with Nena and the whole experience was smooth. I don't know if they have access to more, but they indicated that it was no big deal to get this one.

Their number is 812-536-5533

Dave's Gun Shop, Inc.

PO Box 411

Holland, IN 47541

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