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Gents, I just bought my first firearm, SBE 2, pretty excited. The instructions state that the choke tube should be leveled with the edge of the barrel. However, in that position, it is not tightly screwed into the barrel. If I screw the choke tightly, it is by 1-1.5 millimiters inside the barrel. What should I do, - leave it on the not so tight position so it is leveled with the barrel or screw it tightly?


My apologies if this question is very basic, - I am new to the world of firearms and hunting. Appreciate your help.




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He is basically saying with the tube flush to the end of the barrel the tube is not TIGHT which is NOT GOOD at all. Always run it tight with the wrench and if ya shoot a lot check it frequently to make sure it does not come loose. You can ruin a barrel with a loose tube really quick, my SBEII 2003 model is the same way it is down inside barrel a tad when tight, but never shoot a gun with a loose choke! PS it's ok to lube the choke prior to installation especially if ya wanta remove it some day!

reading material, http://www.trulockchokes.com/cgi-bin/eShop/index.cgi?page=basic_choke_info.htm&cart_id=979433.387

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