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I know it's kind of a generalized question, but which gun is better i.e. has less recoil, is faster, more reliable, durability wise? To me they are pretty similar, but maybe I need to look into it more, if someone could help me out by pointing out all the major differences I'd be happy to hear them :D

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i bought m2 last week .first i will go for cordoba but in the end i choosed m2. m2 vs sbe2 ...m2 cycle all loads (yesterday 8 greenwinged teals with olimpic trap loads 24gr 7.5) sbe2 not. you can reach more parts easy .yes sbe2 cleans 5 sec less than m2..if you want to shoot 3.5 shells the only semi is sbe2 if donnt buy m2. why i cant chose cordoba because 26 inch fits me better

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I personally went with the M2 for waterfowl, upland bird and clays. I picked up a closeout M2 Field at Sportsmans Warehouse for $899 a few weeks back. COULD NOT pass it up. I was originally leaning towards the SBE II, but I don't like getting hit hard, so I avoid 3 1/2s like the plague (Not to mention the cheapest I could find one was in the $1250 neighborhood). Additionally, it was my understanding that the M2 will cycle lighter target loads better than the SBE II. I did hear that the SBE II will cycle faster, but I don't know if there is any validity to that, or more importantly, any real world necessity. All that sent me running for the M2, but it also fit my personal needs like a glove. If your a light load, 3" or smaller wimp like me, go with the M2. If you have the need or desire for recoil and don't shoot much clay, go with the SBE II. For their intended purposes, either one will be a fantastic gun, and I personally cannot not outperform either one.

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