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Your opinion needed on M3


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Hello, folks. I’m planning to purchase my first Benelli. It’s going to be the M3 with the folding stock (pre-ban model, no longer imported to the USA).


I found an M3 with the folding stock at "Guns America" website. If you go to their website and type in "HK Benelli M3 Folder" in the search engine of the website, you'll be able to view the gun. I’d like to know your opinion on this gun.


(This is my first time to post a message here so I cannot post the direct link for the gun. I'm sorry for the inconveniences. )


The M3 is said to be better than Franchi SPAS-12 since it’s faster and lighter, but the price is a little too high ($2395).


Of course, the M3 with the standard stock costs much less (about $1300), but I prefer the model with the folding stock because it’s more agile and easier to carry around.


Here are my questions.


1. When you shoot 9 rounds in a row in 2 seconds, how is the accuracy with the folding stock? Should I opt for the standard stock since it’s far more stable than the folding stock?

2. How does it feel when used with magnum bullets? I suppose that the 18.5-inch barrel is too short for magnum bullets. Is it possible to put a 28-inch barrel on the M3?

3. Do you think it’s worth the price ($2395)? This price is too high for an automatic shotgun, far more expensive than the SPAS-12.

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1) - When you shoot 9 rounds in 2 seconds out of ANY semi auto, you're compromising accuracy for speed. The stock doesn't affect this nearly as much as your ammo, shooting stance, weight and recoil system ... that being said, full stocks are generally more comfortable and controllable than collapsible stocks, due to a better cheekweld, more rigidity, and more weight.


2) - I don't know, I've never shot an M3. However, it should feel similar to any other recoil driven benelli ... which means it will kick hard with 3.5 inch magnums. The kick is unavoidable, and all in the eye of the beholder. It will kick more than the M4, unless the M3 has some type of the magical recoil absorbing system that all the other recoil driven guns lack. The m4 shoots softer than the M1 hands down, by a lot.


3) - Heck no. At least not by my standards.


While I think the M3T looks sick, is rare as heck comparatively, is versatile, and is downright cool ... you're nuts if you're gonna spend ~2450 on any tactical benelli that isn't an M4.


If you're buying it solely for looks, bragging rights, to resell later for profit etc, I understand. The M3T is a cool gun, certainly unique. It will be a fine addition to any collection.


But if you're buying a shotgun to actually SHOOT and enjoy, much less stake your life on and use for home defense, your money will be much better spent on a gas driven, softer shooting, more modern M4 for ~1000 less. The M3 can be used a pump so I guess you can make the argument that it has greater reliability, but I think you'll find it's really not an issue. My m4 hasn't jammed or messed up anything a single time in over 11k rounds after the break in period (excluding low power rounds that explicitly said they would not cycle any auto).


For ~2450 you can pick up an m4 (1500), full length tube (200), collapsible stock (500), and put the rest of the surplus money into whatever you want, a red dot, shell carrier, rail, etc.


Again, it's personal preference. If you're in love with the M3 (have you ever fired one?), go for it, I'm sure it's a sweet shotgun ... but I personally think you're nuts if your one and only benelli for $2450 is anything other than an M4 with all the trimmings.


Now, if you're planning on buying this AND an M4 shortly after, then go for it, and I'm jealous of you.


Were it me and I had ~2450 to spend on a benelli, I'd get an M4, skip the collapsible stock (not worth it IMO, I had one for 2 years, shot it over 7k rounds and sold it), buy a full length tube (not an extension), and buy one of these to go on top:




Throw on a GG&G large bolt release pad and a PMT titanium charging handle, and you're got yourself a sick setup (pretty much what I have, minus the optic, which I will have soon).


Just my opinion, but hey, you asked.



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it doesn't list that release as being m4 compatible, but I'm pretty sure that's just a mistake, and that they don't offer 2 models of it.


GGGs website is down, or I'd link you there.

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Everyone, thank you for your input. Especially, I'd like to thank Duggan for his detailed explanation and opinion.


By the way, how many shots can you shoot using the full length tube for M4?


Also, I have a serious question about the collapsible stock. Duggan says the collapsible stock is sold for $500, but is it legal to use it with M4?


I might opt for M4 instead of M3 because of Duggan's persuasive recommendation.

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