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SteadyGrip vs ComforTech


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First off, Im not sure if this comparison has been issued yet. But, I am of the curious sort. So....


I have heard many different opinions regarding the SteadyGrip (pistol grip) vs the ComforTech. Some say the pistol grip isnt all that great and does not handle recoil as well as the ComforTech stocks do. Others say that, even though the ComforTech might absorb more recoil, the SteadyGrip offers much better control.


Personally, having both stocks, I believe the SteadyGrip feels more natural and offers plenty of support. Recoil, while a bit more noticeable, isnt all that bad given the seemingly stronger hold of the pistol grip. The ComforTech is cushy, but forces me to tweak my stronghand hold in a fairly awkward way. I believe this is just because my wrist doesnt feel as "locked in" vs when I am using the pistol grip. Plus, I like the one handed manipulation of the weapon that the pistol grip affords. Any thoughts? Just curious.

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Guest GunCrazyD

the comfortech is a recoil absorbing stock, the steady grip is not..if you hold the steady grip and push against it with your hand then your arm is taking up some of the recoil for sure...if the hold the 2 loosely in your hand but tight to the shoulder you will definately notice a difference...the steady grip also has a hard rubber butt padd..and the CT stock is a gel pad..the CT reduces the recoil for sure..but as you mentioned your hold on the SG stock can reduce the recoil as well..all depends on your honestly..

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