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New Shotgun Question


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After borrowing my father-in-law’s Browning A-5 for many years, my wife told me to buy a shotgun for my birthday. I have only hunted pheasant and shot targets but hope someday to try hunting for ducks or geese. After looking at several guns I had narrowed down my choices to either a Beretta 391 or a Benelli M2 or Montefeltro. Being left handed I was leaning towards the Benelli’s so I could get a lefty gun. I then saw a righty SBE II on sale at a big sports store for 25% off and bought it on the spot. As I wait through California’s loooooooooong 10 day waiting period (which just ended), I am beginning to have second thoughts.

I basically got the SBE II for a little less than a lefty M2. Part of me is thrilled but I keep wondering if using the SBE II for pheasant and target practice will be like driving a nail with a 5lbs hammer. While I like the idea of a lefty gun, I have always shot righty guns in the past. I also, know the safety on the SBE II is reversible. Any recommendations? Also, does anyone know how you reverse the SBE II safety and how hard it is to do?

Finally, assuming I stay with the SBE II and go pick it up tonight, I will be using it for pheasant tomorrow morning. The A-5 was a modified 12ga so I have never had to deal with chokes. I will be hunting club pheasant in an open field over dogs. Should I use the modified choke? IC? Other?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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