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Benelli Legacy Loading Issues


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I recently bought a new Legacy and took it out to the field to shoot. I had problems with adding shells to the magazine tube after firing/ejecting. Any ideas - does it just need more "breaking in?"


I loaded 1 shell up top and 2 in the magazine tube. I shot once - the shell ejected, and I tried to stick another shell in the tube (to have a full 3 in the gun). The shell wouldn't go in - it didn't give me the feeling like when the tube is full - but more of a tightness when I pushed the shell halfway in...


I backed all the shells out and loaded them again - like I did initially and it worked fine.


Any thoughts?

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My SBE II did the same thing but I found it was just on how I was loading the shells. I was always told if your forcing something on your benelli your doing something wrong. Remember to never close the bolt slowly either, otherwise you'll just hear a tang when it comes time to shoot.

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As indicated in the other discussion, the carrier may not go up all the way because the rounded tab will hang on the edge of the groove in the bottom of the bolt assembly.

It's a matter of pushing the carrier slightly to one side when loading the shells.

With time, these parts will break in and work more smoothly.


Look at the carrier when the shell sticks and you'll see how it is about 1/4" shy of being fully depressed.


I actually bent the tab on slightly to improve the alignment. A move that seems to have shocked some members.

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