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Is there a year code on our shotguns


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Is there a date/year production code stamped on our shotguns. I have an M4 that I just picked up. I bought this private party. I was told that it has never been fired (aside from factory test fire) I can see that it has been fired but I do not see any wear on it. I am just wondering how new the gun is.


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Most Italian-made guns get a proof mark from the Italian Proofing House.


Usually a small (about 1/4") rectangle with a two letter code.


If it is a recently made gun, it'll start with a B or a C. BZ is 2005, CA is 2006, CB is 2007.


On Over/Unders it is on the bottom of the monobloc. Not sure where it will be for semi-auto guns. Probably on the receiver and/or the barrel.



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