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My very 1st Benelli ! (And I already have a question...)


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Ok, I bought my very first Benelli. A beautiful M1 Tactical with rifle sights. I wanted the Ghost Ring, but you can't argue with $480 as a one year-old with an extended magazine kit. I think it was a killer deal...


I e-mailed Benelli about the whole, "I want Ghost Ring sights on my rifle-sighted Benelli" problem.


Their answer was:

Mann & Sonns 618-357-2911

Hesco 706-884-7967


I'm currently out of the country, but cannot find anything on Mann & Sonns on the internet.

Hesco, on the otherhand are Tritium inserts for the Ghost Ring, which I don't have!

I don't think they listened to my problem...


Does anyone know where to get a differant sight set or if I can? I would like to put Benelli sights on rather than mounting something like MMC or another outside manufactured sight set.


Any suggestions?

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Welcome FREE RIFLEMAN,you got a great deal,my first Benelli was twice as much and a millionths worth it.about your sights,looks like some gunsmithing or armorer work is going to have to happen ,if push came to shove,maybe another barrel with G-R sights and install a rear LPA ITALY G-R ramp in the back.Post a pic of your baby,we love to see it, later M1014 ;)

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Thanks, M1014. I had to buy it at that price, I'd NEVER afford one otherwise. I am very proud of it, I'll post a pic when I return stateside, in about two months. I am planing on giving it a three point sling, Sure Fire light and maybe a pistol grip in addition to the Ghost Rings. I guess maybe a steady diet of Federal OOBuck is in order as well!


When I get a chance to inspect it closer, I'll determine how/what sights to use. I was hoping for a simple solution from Benelli... no such luck :rolleyes:

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For most uses the ghost rings don't really help much (but argueably they do look cool).

Worse case scenario, order a new barrel with them and sell your old one. I've seen used barrels go for upwards of 80% of the cost of a new barrel. Considering what a 'smith will charge this might actually be cheaper.

Good luck, and you got a heckuva deal!

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Thanks for the replies, I got an answer from brownells and they have a sight that switches out.

Also, the Gunsite GR looks like it will serve my purpose, quite well. Gunsite's listed at $115, which is MUCH cheaper than MMC. It is unprotected, which is fine.


BTW, I think the world of the Ghost Ring, fastest Target Acquisition besides a red dot.

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