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christmas present for new shooters


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I am in need of advice on the best choice of gun(s) for my two sons, christmas presents. I want to introduce them to my love of the shooting sports and want to get the best gun I can for them within my limited budget. My oldest is 12, my other boy is 9. I have narrowed my selection down to 12 gauge semi automatic, one 26" barrel / one 28" barrel. My choices due to cost have been narrowed down to the Stoeger 2000 and Remington 11-87. We would primarily be shooting sporting clays (#1) and maybe some skeet. My problem is whether to get a sporting gun or field gun. Field guns are cheaper and offer them the versatility of hunting should they desire. I primarily shoot sporting clays because of my work schedule not giving me much time to hunt. My search started w/ Berretta & Benelli, but out of my price range/budget. My concern over field vs sporting is the field stock is lower - will that cause them a major problem when shooting clays?

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12 and 9 years old. What is the stature? If they are still on the small side I would think a 12 gauge is a little big and go with a Youth Nova 20 gauge. If they can handle the 12 gauge and length and weight then both of your choices would be great. Just as a little special item on the shotguns tray and get the same make and model and see if the vendor can get back to back serial numbers. Sometimes it is hard with little retailers but with big sportsmans warehouse types stores it is easier.

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EVERY shooter should have a pump-action shotgun as their first gun.

My first choice would be the Remington 870.

Second choice, Nova.

Youth models available for both.

With the Remintgon, it would be simple enough to cut off the stocks and then buy a full-sized replacement stock for later.


If you are determined to get them semi-autos, then the Beretta 3901 would be my choice.

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Guest Serial Crusher

Unless you're dead set on buying them a shotgun, which seems to be the case, a nice .22 would be a great gift. They can learn firearms handling and safety, ammo is cheap and plentiful, and you don't need a range unless you live in a city. I would recommend a Marlin Model 60 for an autoloading .22. I've never owned or fired a Plinkster, but they are also very reasonably priced.

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