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Question about actuating pump on an empty chamber...


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Will firmly actuating the fore-end on a SuperNova Tactical or any pump shotgun for that matter, while no round is in the chamber, damage the bolt, locking head, extractor or any other parts? I will admit, when I first bought my shotgun I did this more times than I care to admit...just "getting the feel" of the gun. Later on, after dis-assembling the gun post firing session, I noticed 2 small wear marks on the front face of the locking head. Whether or not these are normal wear/contact marks, I cant say for sure.


Either way, Im just curious about just how much damage, if any, this kind of thing can cause. Ive heard these Benelli pump shottys are quite tough, but Im just wondering how much so. Anyway, I now try always make sure there is a dummy round in the chamber before function testing. I also no longer just "play around" with this thing.


I have searched everywhere on the internet and can find no good answers on this.

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