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Ejector for early model sbe


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That depends.


Which ejector version do you have?


Brownell's has the old hockey stick version that is held in place by the plate and two allen head screws.


I have never replaced the newer sheet metal version myself, so I don't know who stocks them. The one I know of that broke was sent back to Benelli and they fixed it.

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How bout ya, Mudhen? Can I install it myself?


Sorry, I'm busy hunting this time of year and don't spend much time here.


I've done quite a few myself.


But, I've butchered a few as well.


If the allen-head screws will back out ok, you have a chance. If not, I've had to drill some out, which ruins the cover plate.


I heat them up and try to burn/pick out as much grime as possible. Use a good allen wrench and see if the screws will back out.


Be ready to buy new screws and a new cover plate if something goes wrong.


Also, remember to buy a new ejector spring while you are at it.


Good luck!



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