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Sight base screw holes


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What are the plugs that are in the sight base screws holes on the rear barrel-receiver area on a SBE II. Are they plastice or metal. Since they don't have slots---how do you remove them.


I thought I would ask instead of scratching something up trying to figure it out. Personally I wish they would not have drilled and tapped the birdshot barrels on the SBE. If I wanted to mount a scope-----I would buy a rifled slug barrel !!

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Plastic. Tap them out from the inside.


Many, many, folks put bases on smoothbore guns for a variety of reasons; turkey hunting optics being one, optics for shooting Fosters-style slugs being another.


Btw - what is a birdshot barrel?...


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by Remy:



What I meant was a smoothbore, vent-rib barrel for wing shooting in contrast to a rifled slug barrel. Not the best wording I guess.

I bet a few million dead deer in states like Iowa would disagree that 'birdshot' barrels are for wingshooting only smile.gif


mudhen - CA

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