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Super Sport barrel, recoil questions


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Interested in the Super Sport (Carbon Fiber 12g) for clays but also HD (hear me out!). I'm looking for a "non-tactical" look and have some questions:


1:Will this model reliably cycle a wide range of loads, particularly lighter loads (non-slug)?


2:Are 18-19" barrels available and feasible for this model?


3:Any thoughts on how light the recoil is compared to other 12g benelli semi-autos?


4:Are there other "non-tactical" looking benelli semi-autos that would be a better fit for these issues?


Newb here, any feedback appreciated.

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1. Minimum recommended load for all Benelli 12 ga. autoladers - 3 dram 1-1/8 ounce.


2. No and no.


3. All Benellis are light and all sporting models are Inertia (recoil) operated. The porting may help some, but it's still a lightweight shotgun. Physics demands that it will kick.


4. No. If you want an 18" barrel then you should be looking at the Tactical lines exclusively.

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They can, but a barrel shorter than 24" on a hunting gun is neither practical nor very popular.

For one thing, an 18" barrel is going to subject the shooter and people near him to a great deal more noise.


A longer barrel helps a shooter get on target, stay on target, and swing through more smoothly than would a shorter barrel.


24"-30" are the most commonly accepted and appreciated barrel lengths.

Some of that goes back to the days when a certain amount of barrel was necessary to achieve complete powder burn and desirable velocities.


If those had never been factors, I suspect we'd see a lot more deaf duck hunters happily shooting their 18-20" barrels.

As it is, however we've grown accustomed to these lengths in sporting shotguns, so in order for a maker to maintain market share they must make guns in these lengths.

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I like the looks of the Super Sport more too. I would say just get that if you need a gun for clays/hunting also. Yeah, the barrel is long for self defense, but it's probably unlikely you'll ever use it for that and if you do you'll just make do with a longer barrel. Most tactical/self defense only shotguns just sit in a safe or closet their whole life. Later, when you have more money, you can buy an M2 or M4 for self defense.

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