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New M4 11707 pictures and questions


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I bought my new m4, the first shotgun i have ever owned and shot, last week and I have some questions:


Before I shot it of course a friend and I took it apart and lubed it up. We had some trouble taking the stock off. I took the nut off, but is there something i'm missing? It wouldn't move.


Which is the serial number? There is a number on the side of the gun that starts with TM and a number underneath the barrel.


Another issue is when I first got it , (I believe) when cocking it, the stock-reciever-bolt did not stay locked back unless i pushed up the 'cartridge drop lever'.


Now, after we took it apart it stays locked back by itself, then i have to press the control button to bring the bolt forward. After this i am able to load ammo, then i **** it again, but before i can fire i have to press the lever again.


I'm most concerned with this issue, maybe you could help me out with it's correct operation, if what i explained is correct i'm retarded tongue.gif


Thank you for your time!




Here are a couple pictures of the gun and the computer i blew up with slugs:




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You twist the stock off. Grab the upper receiver in one hand, the piston grip in the other, and twist couterclockwise.


As far as the other stuff, that is all as it's supposed to be, you just need to get used to how it works.


If the hammer is cocked back, the bolt will not stay locked back after the inital release. You can slide it forward and back as much as you want without it locking, as the hammer is already back.


Starting with an empty gun, in the bolt locked back position (the position your gun would be in if you had just fired your last shot from a previous round), drop a round directly into the chamber from the side. Make sure the safety is on when you first start doing this. Press the bolt release button. This will slam the bolt forward, giving you a hot weapon, and allowing you to load 5 more rounds into the mag. To fire, just hit the safety and blast away.


As far as shooting without doing that, semi-auto benellis act that way. If you are not shooting, the bolt acts kind of independant from the magazine, different from most guns. It has no detachable magazine to strip a round out of, so it will just slide forward and back as you want it to, without really doing anything. Only when you release a shell from the mag onto the carrier will it chamber a round.


In short, unless there is a shell in the chamber being shot, the movement of the bolt alone will not chamber a round. This is an awesome feature, beleive it or not, as it allows you do a lot of things, ie change the round in the chamber, float rounds, etc.


Just shoot some more and you'll get used to the system. Don't make any judgements concerning reliability or jamming or anything until you have put about 100 rounds through it. The bolt and surrounding chamber will wear into each other, making the action considerably smoother and more natural feeling.

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Thanks for your help. I was just making sure I was doing everything correctly so i wouldn't damage my weapon.

So far i have put ~ 60 rounds through it, a combination of 7.5, OO buck and slugs. It has worked without a hiccup. To say the least, all my friend are jealous smile.gif




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