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M4 Side Saddle


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Hey guys,


This is my first post, and I hope someone can help. I just purchased a Tac Star side saddle for my M4. I removed the trigger group pin and replaced it with the saddle retaining screw. My problem is if I tighten the screw completely it affects the motion of the bolt. If I tighten it reasonably tight, not wiggling but snug the gun functions fine. Should I worry or if the gun is functioning leave well enough alone. I check it's tightness every time out??

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I guess good luck getting someone to asnwer a question about an M4. I have one myself and was going to buy one from Mesa and they were sold out and was going to consider Tac Star since they were considerably cheaper. I guess now I'm not. Was the problem ever solved? Have you found any one that has a single point sling mount for one?



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I don't think you're getting any answers for 2 reasons. One you put your inquiry in "Shotgun Sports"... the tactical guys tend to hang in "Benelli" and many of the three-gun guys use belt "speed strippers" instead of side saddles.


Two, I'm sure there are guys with TacStar side saddles on their M4s, but based on what I've read, most run Mesas because they have (quasi) 1913 rails and use the factory screw mounting.


So consider this a bump to get your inquiry another look.



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