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Cordoba vs M2


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I've read the many threads on here about the cordoba and m2..Unfortunately, I am still confused as to which gun will better suit my needs. I will likely spend most of my time at the range or out light bird huntin. After reading a few posts it seems like the cordoba would be the crossover gun of choice.


However, the cordoba is roughly 30-40% more expensive than the m2...! It seems to me that the major difference is a ported barrel and extended chokes. Is there something else I am missing that makes the extra roughly $300 worthwhile?


Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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The rib width and the way the guns work are two other way the cordoba is better suited for shotting clays. If your going to spend the money just do it once and get the sporting gun, otherwise you will chase your tale by trying to make a field gun into a clay gun. The only disadvatage you will have using the cordoba in the field is the noise due to the ported barrel. I would be willing to bet you that the cordoba will shot any light load were as the M2 might not eject the light loads (1 oz. or less). Since you said your going to spend most of your time at the range get the range gun. The chokes are better and will through better patterns. The cost of the chokes alone has to be in the $100.00-$150.00 range. In a year you won't miss the extra $300.00 you spend today and will be a lot happier.

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Ultimately, it comes down to which gun feels best in your hands.


The Cordoba's wide rib may be a benefit on the range, but if it is, why don't huntng guns feature it as well?


Note the longer forearm on the Crodoba. If you are of larger stature, then this may of benefit to you.


As out above, the extended chokes are of some additional value.


I also like the way the barrel extends to comprise the top half of the receiver on the Cordoba and SBEII.

This is quite handy when cleaning, and I don't know why Benelli doesn't go ahead and switch all guns to this design.




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since the m2 and cordoba both use the same bolt and setup, i would not assume the cordoba handles light loads better.


min req is still 1.1/8 & 3 dram



oh ya, the cordoba and m2 should really be the same price, both have cryo chokes,


only the cordoba's are extended, its ported, and the receiver top half opens,


if that is worth 300$...... up to you


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