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Looking to better understand the M4 loading/charging mechanism


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MATTMCG felt his new semi-auto M4 was a bit "complicated and limited" and Duggan went on to give an explanation of the workings of a M4. My story was to demonstrate an example of how the semi-auto M4 features could be used in the field with a "quick change" story. My Monty functions the same as a M4. Remember, his questions were about the M4 series not pumps.

Perhaps a better, although made up scenerio, would be a Marine chasing after a bad guy and seeing him about 60 yards out, quick changes buckshot for a slug in his M4 and takes the shot. But I'm not a Marine or own a M4, so I stuck with what I have to show a quick change with the semi-auto M4 type shotgun. After all, how the M4 is set up and how you could possibly use it's features is what MATTMCG was asking about. Yes other shotguns can do the same, but he was asking about the M4.

Besides, I was proud of my Pheasent shot and love to brag about my Benelli's and hunting stories.

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