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New owner of SBE II


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Just got new SBE II. First autoloader I ever owned. What should I expect? What do I need to do different with this than my 870? I've already cleaned it. Haven't even shot it yet. Hunting season is over here so it will be targets untill next fall. Any and all help will be accepted and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You should break it in with at least two boxes of heavy field loads.


You should pattern the gun. I can almost guarantee you that POI will be different than it was with the 870.


You should disassemble and re-assemble it into its basic components to become familiar with it.


And you should refrain from trying to rip the forearm off after the first shot :D

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just an update....finally shot gun this weekend. What a shotgun. Shot 3 1/2 black clouds at 50 targets(they said heavy field loads to break in!!!LOL) and had no problems. Broke gun down and gave a thorough cleaning. Everything was kosher. Going again on monday but going to use 2 3/4 Fiocchi paper crusher target loads(max dram equiv). Hope all goes well. Anyone see any problems cycling those shells through this gun? I cant take 50 more black clouds. Dont even ask what my shoulder looks like...lol.

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