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  1. Shooting several rounds of heavy loads through it should take care of it. Mine did the same thing. Shooting the heavy loads breaks the spring in and it should be fine from then on. For future reference, be sure to clean the inertia spring in the stock or you will have the same problems in the future. If the inertia spring gets dirty it starts to jam, and won't eject shells like it should.
  2. Is there any way to remove the trigger assembly on an SBE I with a pistol grip without having to take the stock off. I was trying to clean the trigger area the other day and realized that the pistol grip was keeping it from coming out. Thanks.
  3. My friend has a Super 90 and is on a snow goose hunt and needs to know how to remove the plug. Does anyone here know how?
  4. Don't forget to clean the recoil spring thoroughly. It can cause jamming problems if you don't.
  5. I have an SBE II and my dad has an Extrema 2. I cannot tell much difference between the guns. Personally, I prefer the SBE II because of the way it feels. To me the Extrema 2 is more bulky, whereas the SBE seems lighter and slimmer mostly because of the inertia system vs. the gas operated Extrema 2. I also fell in the pond and half-filled my waders this year, however, I did not manage to get to fire a shot like ya'll did! The birds weren't flying well that day.
  6. I cannot tell a lot of difference between my SBE and SBE 2. Both have worked very well for me and I have had no problems with my SBE in the 5 or 6 years I've had it.
  7. Faststeel outpreforms all other shells that I've shot through my SBEII. For ducks I use 3" #4 shot and for geese I shoot 3.5" bb. I have killed ducks from +/- 50 yards a time or two with them, and have killed a lot of waterfowl with them at closer range. I've tried Black cloud, hevi-steel, Xpert, and others, but Faststeel works best for me and my SBEII.
  8. I use a Comp n choke in mine and it works very well. I tried a jellyhead too, but it did not pattern as well as others that I've tried.
  9. I'm thinking about buying mine a sister for christmas. I just haven't decided what gun to add to the family.
  10. I am looking at getting a Legacy or Montefeltro. I already have a SBE and SBE II for turkey hunting and duck hunting respectively. I am looking for a nice, collectible gun that I can use for shooting clays and occasionally rabbit and upland bird hunting. From the information on the website and what I have gathered from other sources, both guns seem very similar. Any pros and cons of both guns? What do ya'll think?
  11. I have the original SBE for turkey hunting in camo. I have used it for four years in the rain, heat, cold, crawling on the ground, and about anything else. The camo on the outside of the gun is in as good of a shape as it was they day I got it.
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