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    I'm computer stupid and don't even know what an ICQ Number or URL is. I hunt as much as I can
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  1. I'll be using my SBEII for turkey hunting this year, but I'd like some help with my first turkey/duck/goose rig. It's a Browning BPS in 3 1/2" 12 ga that had such brutal recoil and muzzle rise with max turkey loads that I sent the barrel to Magnaport and had the full job done on it. It now has almost no muzzle rise and I can get right back on target very quickly and the recoil seems to have been slightly reduced. Problem now seems that the gun's recoil movement has all been directed at my cheekbone. It really smarts. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have every intention of keeping this gun, but would like to fix this. Thanks for the help
  2. Did anyone else notice the bruise on the Benelli president's cheek? He must have tried out that Browning Gold in the video. After a full Magnaport job on my Browning BPS the muzzle jump was all but eliminated, but now I can't shoot 3 1/2" turkey loads because it slams into my heek so bad.
  3. highwall shu

    Gun Safes

    I bought a BEAR safe. One thing to consider... safes with external dials- I was told that a thief will sometimes take a hammer to the dial in frustration and then you get to pay a smith to open and repair. Mine is bolted to the floor on a corner of the house & according to the salesman (if they can be beleived) the double firewall inside safe will keep my guns safe if the house burns down around it. Paid as much 10 years ago as a new SBEII costs now and the piece of mind is well worth it.
  4. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/gear-shops/tools-shop/tools/96825.aspx?feature=product_116 This is the only place I've seen it commercially other than a surplus store called Stroh's in Okarche, Ok. 405-263-4888. I bought several rolls that are much longer than the ones from Duluth Trading and at only .50 per roll. I'll call them tomorrow (12-26) and ask if they will ship to you folks.
  5. I have used a uni pod that has a 4"-5" bottom telescoping bi pod for the last three turkey seasons. The one I have slips on the barrel just foreword of the magazine cap and is secured with a wedge & hex screw and folds to muzzle. It has a strap that slips over my shoulder and the other end over stock so stock sits just inches below shoulder. That allows hands to be free of the shotgun for using box & friction calls and I don't have to raise gun from lap. I've been "busted" by more than one turkey just raising the gun and with this uni pod I find that there is much less movement for the birds to see. I use it whenever I don't have front cover which is often when I still hunt and move to where I hear the birds.
  6. Hey man I'm going to order a jellyhead tonight so if I get mine before you get yours I'll let you know how they do

  7. Someone may correct this but "tags" assist in a search. Thank you
  8. I e-mailed Benelli yesterday with this question because I think I'll need one for my SBEII. They sent me to: Go to www.gunpartscorp.com or www.brownells.com $100.00 for SBEII from Numrich At that price I'll wait until I get the drop/cast figured out before I decide if I really need it.
  9. Can anyone reccomend a good turkey choke for the SBEII? Just got mine & will need a choke for next year's turkey season. JellyHead worked well with my BPS, no trouble at 50 yds with max dram 5s. p.s. I'm new at this forum & 'thread' thing, what are 'Tags'?
  10. I have long thought that folks spend way too much time worrying about different camo patterns. Any camo is better than none. All it really does is break up the outline of things, whether its you or your gun. And while I've long been a proponent of "form follows function", my BPS & SBEII both have camo. The best camo is being still, especially with turkeys.
  11. I bought a Stoeger this past winter for the upcoming turkey season with the thoughts that it had the same opperating system as the Benelli and was 1/3 the cost and then considered that 3" shells are reported to work as well and some think pattern better than 3 1/2". When I took it to pattern I was extremely dissapointed. Nothing I shot through it patterned worth a darn, from target to field to waterfowl to turkey loads. Sold it on consignment and that lesson cost me $100. Have shot two Benelli's belonging to hunting buddies and loved them. Bought a Benelli SBEII 24" last week, but have not yet shot it. I am confident it will pattern well. You will get your money's worth with the Benelli.
  12. I'm not being picky or a pr*ck, but I just learned that what I had always called a 'Picatiny Rail' is a misnomer. According to a recent article in Shotguns News, it is called a '1913 Standard Military Rail' or its abreviations and Picatiny Arsenal had nothing to do with its inception. I tell this only for those like me who like the proper nomenclature.
  13. Have you seen the silicone based tapes that are out now? They have no adhesives, are self-bonding only to themselves, withstand 500 degree temps, and stretch 3 times their length. I'm thinking that a wrap of that tape before you put the clamp on may prevent any scratches. I've used this tape and I bet that if the clamp doen't cut through it, it'll prevent those scratches and not affect the hold of the clamp.
  14. HOGWILD, I went to trulockchokes as you suggested and was surprised that they did not discuss antiseize compounds. Do you use them? I've never had any of the problems they discussed with seized tubes, although one of the tubes on my Ithica M37 12 ga that I bought about 25 years ago eroded completely through the wall on one side. The threads of the barrel were not affected nor were there problems with the other chokes. I put it down to poor manufacturing from this once great, but many-times defunct company.
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