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At the risk of sounding too neurotic, I'll ask all of you a straight forward question:


I have the 5.5mm front sight tool, and have some spare nuts on backorder (possibly 60 days out!!)...when they arrive, how do I install them on my M2 and M4 without damaging the finish on the retaining nuts???


Clearly, Benelli has the ability to install these without even the slightest evidence of a tool being used, as there is no metal on metal markings, scuffs or rounded edges. How do they achieve this? Coat the tool in latex??


The local "Benelli Approved" gunsmith apparently has no idea as to how this is done since he literally ruined my original nut.


Any experts out there with some experience in this department?





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Guest cleefurd
military grade tape over a pair of needle nose pliars is generally how I see it done.


That being said, I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but the method should hold the same ... put some


An example:




That gun won't hurt those pliers ever again!!

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Guest cleefurd

He's talking about the 5.5mm wrench for the front sight blade retaining nut. If you step up to 7/32" wrench you gain about a hair's width, and could press the wrench onto the nut with the same style tape as an interference membrane to prevent direct contact. Did you notice any lock-tite? That would account for the additional force during removal that did not show from instalation.

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I did not notice any loc-tite, except for some residue that could have been a dab to keep the sight straight on the bottom of the sight itself. I tried placing a thin slice of electrical tape on the inside of the wrench, but this did not work. I also tried a thin latex glove, but the wrench ripped though it and caught the metal anyway. The other aspect of this that is annoying is that it is very difficult to get the front sight/guard straight while trying to tighten the nut.


I called Benelli today to ask them if they had a special tool to install the sights and they do not. They gave me no help in suggesting a way to properly install these. Additionally, they said that it will probably be up to 60 days to get any more of the nuts I need, which is absurd. Naturally, the gun shop that ruined them in the first place does not have any extras. They also have to order them from Benelli, so it is pointless to bother with them.


Is the only way to get this thing done right ("factory right") is to send the barrel back to Benelli?? That also seems extreme, but they obviously have a method of perfectly installing these things.

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