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Lost chokes for SBE II


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I'm so chapped I can spit . I lost my bag of choke tubeswith everything but IC, including my turkey choke. Since the original SBE II chokes were crio, do I need crio chokes to replace them? I mean, is there any adverse impact with non-crio dipped chokes? Do I really need to get replacements from Benelli? I'm not concerned about not having original chokes affecting resale value, don't plan on selling the gun. Any replacement suggestions would be appreciated.

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You don't have to get crio treated chokes, and you don't have to get them from Benelli.


Briley & Carlson's make excellent products.

You can also find Benelli chokes, individually and in sets, on Ebay or Gunbroker quite often.


Chokes for the SBE2 are different from those for the original SBE, so make sure you get the right type.

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PM me with your address and I'll send you at least one factory choke from my SBE II. Pick the one you want most.


After that, there are many great AM chokes out there.


I like Carlsons for cheap but reliable, and Rhino for $$ but perfection...


mudhen - CA

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