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how far do I break down for cleaning?


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I am from the handgun world and field strip as regular but don't remove the trigger assembly.


I just got a Benelli M4 and it looks like the manual has me taking down the barrel, removing the trigger etc.


How far do I need to break down the gun to clean?


Novice question, but I had to ask.



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Well, after the first lube your gun doesn't NEED to be cleaned at all really.


If you want to do a "full" cleaning, then you take out the trigger group (1 pin pops out, it's easy to remove), take apart the BCG (same as any semi auto design, pull the side retaining pin, pull out bolt, spring, firing pin), and clean (do not oil) the gas pistons by twisting them out of the barrel. They stay pretty damn clean for the most part, and so long as your gun is oiled, it really doesn't need to be cleaned at all ... for thousands of rounds at least.


If you want to clean/oil after every shoot, go ahead, it's up to you how far you wanna take it ... but just something I've noticed with m4s it seems, the more time you remove/replace the barrel, the more wear you get on the inside of the receiver wall ... a silver line if you would where the barrel extension rubs on the anodizing. It doesn't hurt anything as it is purely cosmetic, but I just figured I would point it out, as I've seen plenty of people remove/replace their barrel 50 times and then go "wtf why is there wear".


I personally don't plan on cleaning my m4 ever again until something breaks or it jams. I'm going to see how far I can go. I'm at 1500 rounds or so thus far since my last cleaning, the only way you can really tell is the silver barrel extension has a little grime on it ... big deal.

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