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Metal deformation


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Ok, today I went to the range and put about 200 rounds through the M4 while shooting skeet. While I was cleaning the beast, I noticed that ejected shells had started to deform the receiver where they hit. Has anyone else noticed this? It's actually a sharp folded lip that catches the bore snake.






I was thinking I would probably just file it down so that it doesn't catch the boresnake. Any thoughts?

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Wow deja vu, holy sh!t.


I can't find the thread where I posted these pictures, but someone posted a picture just like yours asking if it was normal ... I took these pictures of my m4 to put their slight wear into perspective.





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Please DO NOT file your receiver. You will do the natural "deformation" of 1000 shells in 1 minute of filing, and it will only be a temporary "fix" ...


So long as you shoot your m4, the ejecting shells will cause the receiver lips to wear, creating jagged edges. Filing them down will do nothing but increase and amplify the amount of wear that will be shown on your receiver.


All of these pictures are of my gun, which now has 11,500 rounds or so through it.


The wear is cosmetic only and does not harm the function of the gun in any way shape or form ... in fact I'd say my gun probably is smoother now than ever, as the parts have worn in and the tolerances have been loosened some, but still at an acceptable level for 100% reliability.


My other thread on m4 receiver wear:



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Come on guys that's not wear those are beauty marks. BE PROUD you shoot your guns and don't leave them in the safe. My thumb has put more wear on the chassis loading shells than what you are showing me.


In one of the shooting classes I took the instructor told the class look around. Look for the guy with the worn finish on his gun there's a good chance he practices. Or something like that. You get the point.

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