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  1. Hope the hand is still doing well. What about those titanium collapsible stocks, and the muzzle/choke thingy?
  2. Well, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. Adam2340


    Very nice, but I'm still holding out for some gold pheasant on an M4. Maybe in .410 gage.
  4. Soooo.... good painkillers? /Drink lots of water.
  5. Call it: Relentless Slaughtering Machine Jr., The Fuzzy Terror. /It burps thermite grenades.
  6. Hmmmm..... good to know. Strangely tempted by the thought of bulletproofing my dog now. Thanks!
  7. I've often wondered why we mere citizens aren't allowed to purchase body armor. It's not really practical for day-to-day usage, but it makes a lot of sense for COMWEC. Plus, the Kevlar vest would be really useful if the wife ever finds out what I spent on the last few "project guns." Unertl scopes are not getting any cheaper.
  8. So... no doubt this one's a Marine. He's serious about his ground pounding! j/k. Glad to hear you're on the mend.
  9. Actually Duggan, it specifically requires .40 S&W BLACK TALON ammo to adjust their new "zombie-ring" sights (like ghost-ring, but undead). It's in the fine print.
  10. As far as I know, it's the best shotgun in the world for 2 legged varmints. At 100 yards it's even decently (4") accurate with hornady slugs even though they're supposed to only work in rifled barrels.
  11. Dude, do it!!! I love my M4.
  12. Adam2340


    I think you're fine. No problem asking, it's how we all learn. Well, some of us have less than 10 fingers, but then we learn...
  13. Good question. I've been thinking about getting a 20 as well and was also considering the ultralight. Any thoughts? I guess my plan is to eventually just get one of everything in the Benelli line up.
  14. Glad everything is looking like it will turn out ok. The community needs you man. Get some rest. You did real good getting it cleaned out so well and then getting to the ER. Carry on.
  15. It might work if fired in anti-aircraft mode (angle to the horizon greater than 75 degrees). Might be somewhat limiting in terms of practical use.
  16. So you managed to bag the extensor digitorum communis' tendon? That, as they say, is not good. Get it looked at stat. Tendon sheaths are a great way for bacteria to track all over the place in your hand. They can set up infections that cause adhesions that forever limit the rang of motion of that joint, in this case your ENTIRE right hand.
  17. "You're" welcome. I'm sorry you're so difficult to understand. Maybe you're a charming person in person who can take a joke, answer a question, and isn't a homophobe. BTW, as to the rest of your little diatribe: pot kettle, kettle pot. "Your" drinking fountain is around back. Let me know if you need me to explain this to you. Also, I figured you for a .410 "snake charmer" kind of guy.
  18. Beats me. Apparently their shift key is broken. The random punctuation may be a form of code.
  19. Tried this actually with a supersport. It cycled just fine, so my vote would be on "Internet rumor." Now, I assumed they meant holding the buttstock against the concrete. I suppose if you laid it down on it's right side so the charging handle was against the floor, stood on it, and then pulled the trigger, it might not cycle well. Then again, it would be hard to pattern properly in this firing configuration as well.
  20. Very much appreciate what you are doing cleeford and am going to be in line when I can scare up $950. I was planning for the worst case of $550 from page 2 or 3 of this thread. One point, as a future physician, it was the ATTORNEY GENERAL, not the surgeon general. During the entire AWB part 1 fiasco, were there any convictions of putting a collapsible stock on a postban receiver?
  21. Really. I just want to order one. Let me know when I can put money down on one.
  22. I put a box of winchester buck through mine, then 50 winchester AA 7 1/2. Now it even cycles with the AA ultralights. Not a single FTE or FTFeed. Does get some funny looks on the skeet range though.
  23. I think it will be a lever-break-action like the old Stevens. I wonder if it'll be as rusty as my father-in-law's (shotgun that is).
  24. I just ordered a new titanium tube. I feel like I'm takin' a little back from da' man.
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