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  1. Youll most likely keep looking. The object is to have the part on the gun ... How long are ya going to look?
  2. Wts m4 11707. New , purchased 2009 , never fired. Hand cycled snap shells every now and then only. 3stage skel stock , Nellie factory +2 ... Mesa 8 shell carrier and rail. Not a nic or a scratch. barely ever been handled. Brand new cond. barely handled. Safe king. Just sold its twin without the +2 for 2100. All black. Most likely will change my mind but I'm determined to sell as of today. No parts or trades. Let's talk. S O L D
  3. Really nice. I chose a factory +2 instead of the long tube but boy that ull tube makes it!.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions I notice items for sale are spread through these threads.
  5. Where should I look for the classifieds?
  6. Gun is great huh. enjoy and be safe.
  7. That is a nice length . Loud s o b huh. You can't find more knowledgeable benelli owners anywhere. That's not to say I am the expert but with a gun like this ,if one is lucky ,being good at breakdown , cleaning and asking the correct questions is all one needs. Enjoy your firearm and the forum.
  8. Nice...I picked up my 707 in late 09 Not one dam issue. Superb this monster is. Now I'm about to get the new np3 finished model so it can sit the middle to the nova h2o , marine magnum and mossy mariner. They should all be as reliable as my basic black brute. Actually they are except for a less than perfectly smooth pump action the Remington tends to offer. very nice for a first shotgun. Lucky you.
  9. A scattergun is my first choice but the first 3 posts say it best imo
  10. Pull a sharpie along that scratch Or keep the paint to a hairline bare minimum. enjoy that monster
  11. Even if similar stocks pop up everywhere domestically such as the mesa urbino whatever . IMO the factory 3stage original collaps's will never flow into our country unless headed for le and military locations. New legislation considered. In as much as I would like to see people who want one ,get it I also want to see mine remain in somewhat high demand. Can my non expert opinion be that far off? How they could not see these stocks as the polar opposite of the common enthusiast , sporting SG stock coming from over seas I can't imagine. Now if benelli makes them here than i gues
  12. does an m4 fit in that ben tact sg case?
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