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  1. Try http://www.triangleshootingsports.com http://www.davesmetalworks.com
  2. A little off topic but........ Are you hitting the coyotes at 400 with your 204 and dropping them reliably? If so that might have to be my next rifle. What glass are you using?
  3. I haven't tried his but I do have one on my gun and it is a thumb saver.
  4. You could just put some tape on your left lens on your shooting glasses and you'd be gtg.
  5. I'm a 3 gun guy so I'm an M1, M2 field gun guy. I do have an M4 but it sucks for 3 gun. My M1 shoots light field loads to stupid 3" too heavy loads for me to want to shoot. The biggest problem for my application with the M4 is mag extension sticking out past the barrel and the lame Ghost Ring sites.
  6. www.brianenos.com/forum is the place to learn about 3 gun how to improve your shooting skills, match skills, and match locations and clubs. If you want to improve your Benelli they have all the answers. Or you could contact www.davesmetalworks.com www.triangleshootingsports.com There's a guy in the SFV in So Cal but I don't have his contact info.
  7. cksh8me

    Firt Benelli M2

    DMW will make your extension any length you want.
  8. cksh8me

    M3 Functions

    What you are describing is an M2 Benelli with multiple barrels. Stay away in fact run away from the M3 it isn't the way to go.
  9. I don't know what's going on with you but this is something that has been done a 1000 times. Look closer you should be able to do this. At least my M2 and M1's haven't had a problem and neither have any of my friends that run these guns that's a lot of people.
  10. cksh8me

    M2 21" barrel

    I don't know about cammo but I was able to get 2 21" in black took about 30 days.
  11. cksh8me

    M3 Questions?

    Is every round hard to load? Do you have an extension tube on the gun? How many rounds does it hold? There's a few things you can try but...... you might just order a new catch from Brownells, some of the M1's had problems the new catch fixed.
  12. I don't know who said it but first but I'll steal it. This thread sounds like Barbie for guns.
  13. As far as I know any LAPD officer that carries a Benelli M4 paid for it themselves. There could be some "teams" that have issued guns, but the rank and file laid down their own cash.
  14. While I understand your sentimint 922r has nothing to do with California and everything to do with the federal gvt.
  15. Why would I have an optic on a HD shotgun? Just how long a shot have you got in your house?
  16. What is a tactical choke?
  17. I'm giving the nod to the Aimpoint for strength over the Eotech. For me the Eotech gives me a better and larger site picture. I can be farther from an optimum cheek weld and still make a shot. In a nutshell if I drop it I'd rather have an Aimpoint. If I'm shooting it I'd rather have an Eotech. The Tripower uses batteries otherwise it would be a Bi-power. The one I used didn't hold up and just wasn't good in general. I sent it back, Trijicon fixed it no questions asked. In fact it looked to me like it was a new not repaired unit complete with a new case. Great company to work with. I have owned and used many of Trijicons other products and they are great.
  18. If you want slugs to shoot accuratly out of your M4 you must shoot rifled slugs. If you shoot Sabots out of it who knows where they're going to go.
  19. Do you have a pistol grip stock? What is the Dram equivalent on your shells?
  20. cksh8me

    M2 Trouble

    If you haven't yet remove the recoil spring. Check for rust Check that the recoil spring tube hasn't gotten bent. I'm sure you've run something down the mag tube to clean out the dirt but do that again. Is the second shell that has a problem or the third shell? It might be the mag tube spring has gotten weak and doesn't push the shell back fast enough for the action to cycle properly. Start there good luck
  21. Bird hunting a vest with an open pouch for birds in the back. I may or may not throw a box of shells in there. Up front the vest has strong elastic loops to hold shells. Pockets up front for drinks/snacks. Padded shoulder on right side. Spreads the load out pretty good.
  22. Somewhere along the line you missed the part about semi auto. Pumps don't have a 922 restriction. Follow all other federal, state and local firearms laws.
  23. Use great caution when attaching anything to the receiver on an M1/M2 it can stop running. These guns are picky about add on crap. You might be better off with a butt cuff.
  24. If you want to hang a ton of junk on your gun get the M4. If you want a light, fast shotgun then the M1/M2 are the way to go. You don't see any of the top 3 gun shooters using an M4. They are using either an M1/M2 or a very few use some other brand. These guys are moving fast and shooting a bunch of rounds in a short time.
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