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QUESTION about new benelli


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I have a Benelli SBEII camo model. Yes, When I took it out of the box, I did find a few chips, scuffs, and even a couple of small areas where the camo had not covered the primer. However, the imperfections have not affected the gun's performance or durability in any way. While I am very careful with my guns, I've even added a few "character" marks with use. :p If you search the forum's archives, you should be able to find numerous suggestions for "touch-ups" and finish preservation.

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hey just a little update. After looking at my new supernova a little more. i noticed that on the entire left side of the trigger guard, the camo finish to not "stick" so at the factory they fixed it with a green/brown marker. there is quite a bit missing, do you think its worth doing anything about it? thanks

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do you think its worth doing anything about it?
Hmm..Sounds like a similar situation I ran into when I bought my last pistol (for over $800). Personally, I couldnt live with the imperfect finish so I sent it back.


Now, in regards to your situation, it all comes down to personal preference. If functionality means more than looks, I'd say live with it. But, given what you probably payed for it, if you demand "perfect and new" condition for money well spent (as I often do) and you can live with the possibly steep turnaround time, I say contact Benelli, give them the details and have them take care of it.


This is an interesting thread as my next purchase would probably be a desert camo SNT (I currently have the "tactical" black version).

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