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  1. I'm a hunter and always interested in new products and, in particular, better patterning chokes. I visited your new website and noticed "steel" shot was mentioned when viewing your competition choke line, but wasn't mentioned at all for the hunting line. You might want to indicate which chokes in your hunting line are OK for "steel" and which might perform best for "steel." Just a thought!
  2. Hookster and StrangerDanger--Thanks for the information and link. While I haven't had any problems with the stock follower in my SBEII, these look like a higher-quality improvement. I used the link to order one of the SS followers. I'll see how it works out after it's installed and post a warning if there are any problems.
  3. Hookster--Why the aluminum over the SS? Function? Weight? Have you tried the SS?
  4. Hey Tex, That's a great suggestion! Maybe a call to Customer Service is in order?
  5. texas skeeter, Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand.
  6. Hmmm...does this mean you now deserve/command more respect, are more knowledgeable, are more experienced, or what? Obviously, I'm just not at your level yet.
  7. Steve, Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to post a great story with great pix. I've really enjoyed your many hunting trip accounts.
  8. It's not an "insurance thing." Since the original Gun Scrubber damaged synthetics, they now have produced an additional product which they claim is safe on synthetics: http://www.birchwoodcasey.com/sport/maintenance_index.asp?categoryID=2&subcat=3 Regardless, I believe Tucker's recommendation is the best choice. Gunscrubber was engineered to clean internal parts, not as a surface protectant.
  9. Always move the rear sight in the direction you want to move the POI.
  10. You mean you think there is somewhere worse than CA?
  11. CA--probably just confirms any guess anyone might make.
  12. Actually, you're lucky. I've had to purchase the gun on the first trip and wait for it to be delivered to the dealer. Then, a second trip was required to fill out the paperwork for registration after it arrived and they had the serial number. A third trip was then necessary to pick it up after the ten-day wait period.
  13. That's a very funny thought! It must have been breast of... because all I can remember are lots of them.
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