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Firing Pin


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Hello fellas, I'm new to the site so any help would be much appreciated cause not sure which forum to post this in. My problem stems from using my nova to bust ice near the end of the season. Well my firing pin froze up and missed out on the action til i got her thawed out(cigarette lighter :D). Two days later I had some trouble again although it wasn't with freezing. I think the water in there as caused some rust in the firing mechinism. Is there some way to get in there or do you just get a new one. Thanks

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First off Id check to make sure that it is your firing pin in the first place, because you dont wanna replace something thats perfectly fine.

Try taking your gun out and shooting some rounds through it, if your still getting misfires then I would completely break down the gun(use your owners manual if you dont know how to do that) and clean everything.

If that doesnt work, id take your gun into your local gun shop. Because there might be other problems as well.

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