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  1. No sir. This wonderful state of California won’t allow us to run extension tubes.
  2. Is anyone else have feed issues with their SBE 3? I just finished my second season with the gun and for whatever reason it tends to double feed 3 1/2 inch shells from the magazine tube onto the shell carrier. I paid $3400 for this damn thing so I’m not very happy about this problem.
  3. How was everyone's season, it was a tough year out here in California
  4. California Waterfowl Season 2013/2014 damn has it been a slow one so far.
  5. Your velocities will be the same with a longer barrel because the maximum velocity is reached at 22 inches. And personally I'm going to stick with my 1 1/8 #3 shot Winchester HV's if these new shells are only pushing 1500 fps.. 1700+ fps is fast in my book.. anything below that is just average.
  6. I don't know about you guys but this year is flying by for me.. we're only four months out if you think about it.
  7. I'm 6' 04" 185lbs just to give you and idea about the size of these geese I hunt.
  8. You were right. Same cup size equals same number of pellets. When I'm hunting geese though, especially Honkers, I only run 3 1/2's. Either #2's or BB with a Patternmaster Choke because I don't want to risk crippling one of these birds..
  9. No, the pellet count will be less in a 3" 20 gauge shell than it will be in 12 gauge load.
  10. Here's the thing, I like shooting a 20ga here and there but it doesn't have enough pop for me when it comes to killing big ducks let alone geese.. you do not want to be under-gunned when pulling up on a flock of committed Honkers. Trust me on that one, I see it happen to my buddy all the time..
  11. That's good to know.. did you go through Jagermister Outfitter when you hunted Iowa? The guys name is Lynn Buswell.
  12. Has anyone hunted in Iowa for either ducks and geese or deer? And if so, what'd you think of it?
  13. I'll see if I can upload a demo video.
  14. I don't know how many of you on here are into calling and working birds but that along with working my lab with hand signals on a retrieve are the two reasons why I duck hunt. I was recently offered a pro staff position from Blitzkrieg Game Calls but I told Lynn, the owner, that I wouldn't sign with him unless his calls really impressed me. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting much because I have hunted with RNT, Zink, and Foiles calls in the past.. I was wrong, these calls were bad ass to say the least. It was the best call I've ever picked up.. and I here I took first place in a meat calling contest last October with my Foiles Dead Meat. This one blew my Foiles out of the water. So needless to sign I signed with Lynn, and if any of you guys are looking for a good deal on a very good duck call, message me and I'll see what I can do for you.
  15. I'm just hoping for some weather this next season, then I'll be good.
  16. I hunt crows to keep them out of my almond orchards and in my opinion they are way to damn easy to shoot.. I'll go in full leaf camo and play my distressed rabbit call that I use for hunting Coyotes, then its just a matter of how close to I want them to be before I open up. My dad told me a while back that he would pay me a dollar a crow and that deal lasted only one day. To stay on my game after duck season I shoot pigeons from the neighboring dairy from February through September. I mostly do that to better train my dog though..
  17. It sounds like I'm taking the wrong people out hunting with me then, because **** all I get is a free breakfest here and there if I'm lucky...
  18. Who ever mounted those pair of Cans did a damn good job.. How much did a mount like that cost him?
  19. Benelli does have a barrel manufacturing plant in Turkey.. my issue with Stoeger isn't in the barrel though, its because I've heard way to many cases where the shotguns are jamming.
  20. Stoeger shotguns are made in Turkey, correct? Enough said...
  21. I hear the M2000 also has some cycling issues. But then again, you're gonna get what you pay for..
  22. It all comes down to choke selection for me. I run a Patternmaster strictly for geese because I'm not trying to tenderize my ducks with steel shot.. My 870 Supermag is fitted with my Patternmaster choke and is chambered for 3.5 so I'm going to take full advantage of it. The Franchi is my duck killer. They call me "Two Gun Costa" but it's well worth it in my opinion
  23. Nice birds mudhen, I hear its been either a hit or miss up in the rice this year..
  24. I like to send my first shot behind the bird to get them to fly a little faster for me.. so $2 per round might get a little expensive.
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