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Which gun should I get.


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I prefer 12 gauge because there is a bigger variety available as far as ammo and chokes. If you can find the right ammo and the right choke and you prefer a 20 then go for it.


a-s-sume makes an a-s-s out of u and me

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Well after a long decision I purchased the 12 ga Ultra Light. I shot it at the range and it is sweet. I would like to eventually like to purchase the same gun in 20 ga or the Legacy. That would give me an extra for myself or a friend or relative. Also my wife expressed interest in shooting and the 20 would be perfect. Thanks for all the responses.icon10.gif

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heres the deal, 12 ga -1oz of shot @1100fps, 20ga -1oz of shot @1100fps.......whats the diff????;) and you can get 1.1/4 loads for the 20 as well.

myself i cant chose. thats why i have both.:p


In both cases, the 12 gauge will (according to many sources) throw a better pattern than the 20. Not sure I completely understand the physics, but the larger diameter barrel and the shorter height of the shot in the shot cup are factors.

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then again, the taller shot colums can give you a longer shot string in a 20 compared to a 12. but to be honest, no ordinary shooter will ever notice much difference, except at range when the 20's shot pattern starts to thin out a bit too much. good for pheasant,grouse,partridge etc out around 35 yds though with standard loads. aim it in the right place and the kills will come...always my problem.

damn pheasants, so expensive to miss in the U.K. and almost as expensive to kill (tips etc) :eek:.

good hunting.


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sich 1,


In my opinion, a long shot string is undesirable, generally speaking.


There used to be a prevailing wisdom that a long shot string could get you targets (or birds) on long crossing shots.


Most folks who study the ballistics now say that a short shot string is almost always preferred to a long one. A short shot string has a denser pattern in all three dimensions.


But the truth is, your statement, "no ordinary shooter will ever notice much difference" is probably true.


I have killed a bunch of pheasants with a 20 gauge, so it can do the job, no doubt.


Shoot them in the lips!

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