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Everyone has a pet program for cleaning a trigger group. I used to shoot benchrest, so I'm in the habit of using lighter fluid to flush out the grit.

I'm sure the assorted "plastic safe" gun scrubbers would do just as well if not better.


Lubrication is a individual thing too... as many lubes as there are opinions about lube.

I've been experimenting with a Canadian product called "Jig-a-loo". Works pretty well and it's inexpensive.


The owner's manual for your particular M2 can be downloaded here.



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As far as the butt pad goes it is really tight, I suppose thats better than having it fall off all the time, especially the first time you take it off. All I can say is focus on getting the bottom of the pad off first and once its out it should come off pretty easy.


I would also say that unless you are adjusting the drop/cleaning the recoil spring tube, you dont really need to take the butt pad off, and I dont think you would need to do those operations all that often.

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