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Cleaning new M2?


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Just got a new M2 20 ga. and was wondering about cleaning it. The manual recommends heavy loads for the first 3 or 4 boxes but doesn't say anything about needing to break it down completely and clean it before shooting it. In the past I thought I saw some threads recommending complete tear down and cleaning before even shooting the gun. Is this necessary or can I fire a few boxes of shells first, and then break it down for a complete cleaning and oiling?

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You see NEED is a big word, I don't think you NEED to break it down and clean before the first shots...but I don't think it would hurt either. The way I see it is cleaning before gives you a chance to both get rid of any grease that might slow you down and it gives you a chance to become familiar with all the guns parts before you shoot it.


If I was you I would clean it first. I dont know how much experiance you have with M2s but mine has become a tank that will eat any shell I put in, so if you get excited and shoot before cleaning I dont think you'll hurt anything.

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What is your reason for not cleaning it before it's initial firing? I believe most would agree that it's been standard practice to clean a new gun before shooting it, and for good reason. Out-of-the-box guns have been prepared for shipment and storage, not firing; and, occasionally, have a problem or two which can be identified and corrected through initial maintenance. Whenever you do choose to initally clean your new gun, you will find lubricants and preservatives which can impede or adversely affect its function (I found heavy grease in the recoil tube of my SBEII). You might also find packaging material in inappropriate places.


I agree with agm65ccip that you don't absolutely NEED to clean it before firing. But, as he also told you; cleaning it first certainly won't hurt and can prevent problems.

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Modern firearms don't ship with the heavy cosmoline grease like the old milsurp wooden crate guns did back in the day.

While there is a protective coating on them, it's not nearly as close to axle grease as the older ones were.


While it is a good opportunity to get to know the gun, it's not absolutely necessary to break it down and clean before shooting it.

Just make sure the barrel is free from any obstructions and fire away.

A thorough cleaning is suggested after your first outing.

Do not use Rem Oil or WD40.

Use a good quality CLP like Breakfree or Hoppes Elite Field Cleaner

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