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Super black Eagle II cycling problem

long shot

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Would like to know if anybody has ever had a problem WITH a SBE II cycling, if I shoot at 90° it cycles good if I raise my gun at a 45 or more angle the first shot goes off the second one can't come up because the injected shell gets stuck in the breach as it is coming out. I have thoroughly cleaned this gun numerous times and it still gives me the same problem. Primarily it doesn't a lot more in the frigid weather. I was told by a fellow I met on A snow goose hunt that he had a similar problem his gunsmith cleaned the gun and also stretched the spring. Has anybody ever heard of this before?


AMERICAL 11- 1967

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I just shot my SBEII yesterday for the first time at a skeet and sporting clay club. I did clean it and lube it thoroughly before taking any shots and it cycled everything fine. We put about 150 rounds through it.


Did you read the forum about break-in and the type of ammo you should shoot initially? If not, then perhaps you should give it a good cleaning and use some higher power shells to break it in.

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I would give this gun a through cleaning including the bolt return spring in the butt stock especially if the gun has been soaked in the rain or snow. I'm assuming your shooting loads heavier than 3dr 1 1/8 of whatever shot size correct?


My gun gave me a similar problem on a duck hunt. The gun fired the 1st shot and the empty stove piped. Had to work the bolt manually to chamber the second round. I was able to drive a short distance to a sporting goods store to a purchase a bottle of Shooter's Choice FP-10. I lubed the bolt rails with the FP-10 and worked the bolt back and forth until it movement was very smooth. Never has a problem since with the gun cycling anything.


My cleaning regiment is cleaning the gun after every use and lubing the bolt rails enough to that bolt runs smooth.

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