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I'm new to the form as of tonight. I've been reading on here for a few years mainly to find out answer's to my questions about the Benelli's. After several years in a delema of which gun I wanted, I finally broke down today and bought a new M2.I sure hope I'm not disappointed cause i've wanted one ever since the first time i shouldered one.

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I hope you're ready for some recoil, that seems to be the number one complaint I see among new m2 owners.


Personally, I didn't think the m2 recoiled any harder than any other inertia gun ... but what do I know.


Lube it up and run some heavy rounds through it first, then see if it cycles some trap loads.


Let's hear a report :)

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One thing i will say about this gun is that it is "sweeet".i now know why people talk about them the way they do. shot 1 box of heavy dove loads and 1box of heavy target loads thru it cycled find without a hitch. the real test will be when i pattern it for turkey season using the 2 oz loads. yes it does have alittle recoil but nothing like my 870 or my 935.now i'm mad at myself for putting it off for so long.

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I shot a Mossburg 500 for a little over a year with nothing but 00Buck. The first time I shot my M2, I loaded with 00Buck at the range. I kept thinking I had loaded quail loads by accident.....what a freaking difference! This gun does not have ANY problems with recoil!

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