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I will be picking up my new Benelli M1 Tactical this week. I notice that the M1 Practical has a muzzle brake / compensator. Is it possible to install one of these on the barrel of the Tactical? Does it attach to the barrel or does it attach to a choke? If so, is there a special choke necessary and does Benelli sell the muzzle brake and choke separately?

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The Practical compensator attaches to a choke which your M1 would need to have to accommodate. The choke is "special" in that it has threads on the outside of the choke (once it is screwed into the barrel) that accept the compensator. The parts are likely purchased separately from a Benelli dealer, but that can be like pulling teeth. Find a good strong volume Benelli dealer and ask them to order it. The Benelli European Website has detailed manuals with parts numbers and you can specify English - what a concept!. Good luck.



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I just got my M1S90 Practical and the muzzle break/compensator screws onto the choke tube. It looks like the ones made by Gunners Choice and comes in steel or aluminum with your choice of choke. If your Tactical barrel has screw in chokes, it'll work. Pick the aluminum one as it is lighter and easier to transition to multiple targets. My "other" shotgun has a compensator made of steel and it is too heavy and too slow on multiple targets. Brownells carries Gunners Choice in their new catalog. Have fun with your tactical.

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My brother got the Gunners Choice Recoil Reducer for his 11-87 and it looks exactly like the one Benelli supplies with the Practical. He says the reducer works well and doesn't hurt his previously dislocated shoulder. You can get your choice of choke(s), depends on what type of loads you want to shoot. The aluminum ones weigh almost nothing compared to my steel muzzle break.



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Hey guys. I have a M1 Practical. (and love it)


When I bought it, it was missing the huge magazine and the speedloader. So I called Benelli and they sent me the speedloaders, the extended mag, and also annother muzzle brake. So I have an extra. smile.gif


You can buy the same one at Brownells. I bought a Modified choke from them that works perfectly with the Original Benelli compernsator. I just have to remember to switch back to the cyl. choke when shooting slugs. ;)


Here are a couple pics for ya:


Benelli Brake Pic 1

Benelli Brake Pic 2

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