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Broken SS Extractor


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Been shooting a SS 12 for three years now. Had my first problem this past weekend at the white Flyer Open at Claythorne lodge in Kansas. On station 5, it failed to eject the first hull. Removed the following shell, pried out the hull and reloaded. Fired the first shell and same thing, fired shell was still in the chamber. Now I looked more closely and saw the extractor had snapped off even with the bolt face. Now going through the drill to try to find another extractor - think Mann and Son's has the parts but all I'm getting is busy signals.


Anybody else ever have the extractor snap in half?? Love the SS. BTW, about 11K rounds through it and this is the ONLY problem I've had.

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Gunsmith I'm not, :o.


Off-set pin to get out. Ended up taking to a gunsmith in KC. Took him 5 minutes with the right tools. Back in the game.


BTW, Mann and Son was super fast (3 days from call to receipt) in getting me the parts.

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