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Lights Out slate call...


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Yep'r ... those Lights Out Custom "Honey Pot" slates will surely get the job done ...


Here's a couple of pics of my Lights Out Persimmon "Honey Pot" Slate & Persimmon Striker, with the results of yesterday afternoon's cluckin'n'purrin' session.

I was set-up about 70 yards off of a clover field & the "Honey Pot" drug him right on in to the SBE II ... 28 yards & Lights Out !!!


041009gobblerjrb.jpg 041009gobblerjrc.jpg


Lights Out Custom Calls & Benelli ... a deadly duo !

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Congrats on the fine gobbler ...

Would be very interested to hear more about "that striker" you're using ...


Well, I do like the striker that came with the call, and I use it quite a bit for close in work.


But, I am hooked on the stock Primos Cuttin' Stick for all of my slate calls, especially in open country. The hollowed out handle just makes a oddly effective rather 'dry' high pitched sounds that the birds seem to really respond to.


I have 5-6 of those strikers.


Also, they seem to dry out faster and are easy to touch up and keep nice and squeaky.

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