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I found a sold listing on prebanarms.com for $2,295.00.

I also found another posting from a member who said he saw one for 2,500 in a gunstore. I found a lot of m3 super 90s but no m3t listings. also what is ftf???

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Thats quite alot. I have seen new M3's for about 1100 to 1200 in store. Due to M3t being a folding stock maybe a 200-300 premium over a regular M3. Just keep in mind a new M4 is 1399 at Cabelas. A ftf is face to face transaction meaning where are u located?

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As I understand the M3T is hard to find and therefore more of a collectable thus bumping up its price well past that of the M3 S90. Which is why you cant find any for sale online. Im in California (Bay Area), i'll probably post it on gunbroker and see what happens. I think it will only go up in value since the rest of the country will probably be subjected to the same gun laws we have in CA. In CA you would need to put diff stock or have reg. it as an assault weapon before the cutoff date.

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There is an HK Super 90 M3T on Gunbroker for $2,499


Ill take 2,300. Photos upon request if in Cali id have to unscrew the stock and ship to an ffl apart. PER DOJ its ok that way.


PM me if you are serious and need photos. The shotgun is in great condition and comes w. a tac. sling

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