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Removing Shell Limiter on Nova pump


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Has anyone removed a shell limiter from a Nova pump? Mine is only holding two in the magazine and I'm not exactly sure how to remove it and it doesn't say how in the manual. Anyone that could walk me through it? I just use it for target shooting so I'm not worried about any laws that restrict the amount of shells in the mag.



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Make sure the gun is empty and that the safety is engaged.


Remove the magazine cap.

In the end of the magazine, there is a ring with a split and two small holes in it, and a larger hole in the center.

The two small holes are there so that a pair of snap ring pliers can be used to compress the ring for easy removal.

If you do not have snap ring pliers, simply insert a screwdriver tip into the center hole and pry the opposite upwards. Using that technique, walk the ring out of the magazine tube.


CAUTION: The spring beneath the ring is compressed, and it will fly out if allowed to do so. Cup your hand over the ring as it is about to pop out of the tube to prevent the spring sailing across the room or hitting you in the face.


The limiter fits inside the spring and it will come out after the spring cap is removed.

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