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Benelli Recoil reduction?


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I've been hunting/plinking since I was probably 7 years old. Even though I'm still a young man the past year or so I have had the worst time dealing with recoil. Probably due to a shoulder injury I had in a car wreck. I neve cared for an overpriced Benelli at all until I heard a few months ago they have considerable less recoil and are lighter. I want a pump action I can shoot clays with and not lay in the recliner in agony the rest of the day. I would even consider a 20 guage. Don't really want to spend more than 400 bux either. Any help from you Benelli owners would greatly be apreciated.

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I go with a gas 20 gauge.


I don't know of any gas 20's for $400 or under, so I guess you will have to stop shooting :(


You could also try a used BPS in 3.5", add a C&H Mercury Reducer to the stock and magazine, and shoot trap loads...


mudhen - CA

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