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Nitpicky Question, humor me


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I noticed while SLOWLY pulling the trigger on my M4 with the hammer down (already discharged, just "playing" with the trigger hammer down) that the trigger return spring seems to bind a bit in the last 1/8" of trigger travel, resulting in the feel of a slight bit of gritty-ness and a very light "click" as the coil of the spring rides over the edge of the detent hole's lip that it resides in.


Anyone else notice this when slowly pulling the trigger in the manner described. I think my first M4 did it as well, but don't remember. Sorry, OCD :p


Also, normal for the Bolt Carrier to bottom out against the back of the reciever under recoil, causing indentations into the inside of the rear of the reciever matching the sharp corners on the rear of the BC? Again something I didn't notice on my other one that probably happened, I just never noticed.




Gotta turn your sound up a bit. Notice the clicking right before trigger bottoms out, and the grating upon trigger release?

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