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Vinci Concerns


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I was following the manual on removing the intertia system and it tells you to pull down on the bolt stop to unlock and release the system. I'm concerned that each time you remove and reinstall that rubber insert that it's going to break over time. Mine bends over the ribs both directions. Anyone else had this problem? Also that cocking lever is in there good, I can't remove it either.:confused:

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I think, and this is only an opinion,from playing around with my Vinci that the nylon tab only holds the drive system in while the gun is disassembled. Once the barrel is locked onto the butstock, the steel plate in the locking system does the job (No way that plastic tab could withstand the recoil on its own). I found after several tries, that the bolt has to be ALL the way back and the bolt handle in the rounded cutout at the rear of the receiver in order to come out. It's got an o-ring on it that keeps it very snug, and the base an ovalish shape so it will not come out unless it's all the way back.

Hope that helps.

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