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Recoil Reducer ? for Kip


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The material for our upgraded Picatinny rails has arrived, and when complete will be hard coat anodized with our batch of completed OEM reproduction choke mounted recoil reducers, of which we made 42. They (reducers) each come with a heat-treated stainless steel extended choke in "IC" bore for use with anything up to and including slugs. They are laser engraved and work in either Beretta or Benelli barrels with no modifications. They are the first repro reducers to have the faithful OEM forward angled 1st rows of holes angled forward, which creates an "out-draft" that enhances efficiency of the final 4 rows of holes just like Benelli's original version. Once the Picatinny rails are completed and return from anodizing, both new products will be listed in our web store.


Thank you for all the great product suggestions that lead to these developments. We'll post pics of the reducers soon (not yet anodized) if anyone is interested in seeing their progress and current status.


Are these what I saw years ago on the "M1 Practical/Tactical" with the 24+" barrel and huge mag-tube?


What choke-tube is used? Who made/makes the choke?


How does this unit work. Does the choke-tube have notches like the OEM choke that would mate with a Briley speed wrench, and then threads that this recoil reducer then threads onto?


How much does it weigh (will it throw off balance of the M4).


Is it recommended by you for the M4?


Tell me more. Also, I am interested and would like photos.




Is this a carbon-copy of the OEM part, or have you modified/improved it in some way?

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