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So far with my Testing...


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Trulock IC

Trulock MOD

Benelli MOD


The Trulock MOD moved POI w/slugs 48 clicks left of center.

THe Benelli MOD was about 1/2 that

The Trulock IC was all but dead-on mechanically.


What I mean to say is: Change your choke...know your pattern/where it shifts to!


Repeatability when removing/replacing the choke was to the point that one would not notice any shift. Slug accuracy is not to the point where you can tell (and I cut ragged hole groups).


MOD and IC perform so close to the same as to not warrent the IC choke unless your MOD choke just DOESN'T like slugs. IC MAY be a bit more accurate, but not enough to matter out to 100m.


Slugger Slugs were used. 1oz/1560fps.


Buckshot reacted VERY predictably, as did birdshot. Patterns were about 50% larger with both. At 25 yards my pet load went from 12x14" patterns to something like 15"+ because they didn't hit paper (all of them) I don't know.


IC is good out to @ 12 yards.

MOD to 20.


This assumes "Good" means: all pellets in chest cavity with a load your weapon likes. Every time.


I have decided that I bought a SHOTgun to shoot SHOT. If I want a single freight-train projectile, there is a lever .45-70 in the closet and 405gr hard caste projectiles will do nicely. I will shoot buckshot through the M4. As such, I ordered an IM choke. Improved/Modified. A step below full. Basically, the tightest choke you can run steel through according to Trulock. The reason being I might run Hevi "T-SHot" through it for pests/coyote some day.


I am predicting that my pet load with the 10 pellet OOO Buck patterns VERY SICK! through this choke. Pix to follow by the weekend. (CHoke arrives in a day or two.)


Remington's OOO Buck is buffered, has 3% antimony, and is obviously a large pellet. They pattern VERY WELL for me. In every M4 I have had.

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I did not pattern the IM choke as it seems the MOD was JUUUST on the cusp of stringing/blowing the OOO.


I have only tested at 50 feet, and using the 8-pellet 2.75" OOO Remington stuff. However, EVERY TIME, 3 pellets would "go wild" as in, 5" or so away from the group (we will get to that...) in whichever direction. Not bad, all on a 14x16" target at 50 feet, but still, "fliers".


Also, every single shot would see 5 pellets within a 4-6" group at 50' DEAD CENTER of the target.


I am waiting to test my Briley MOD choke to see if it gets rid of the fliers.

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The placement and tension of a mag extension will change poi also. I don't have the problem you do with chokes and the change of poi. I,III,IIII all shoot to the same poi for me.


They are also all the same brand. I DID put the gun on a rest this time though, and the POI wasn't so bad. I honestly think I am flinching after 20-30 slugs. It seems to get worse. A shotgun recoils almost a full 1/2 inch while the slug is still in the barrel. THis means ANY flinch, change in hold, etc. WILL register on the target.

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